What I See (My Images)

I am a visual person; I see situations that I find visually striking; I wonder about what makes those scenes so striking; and I wonder how I might capture the scenes in striking ways. I started making photographs seriously in late 1996–partly to satisfy my long time interests and partly to professionally support faculty, staff, and students who were then starting to use information technologies to capture and manipulate images.

I am an analytical person, too. I like to find how things work to use them effectively, to help others understand how these devices work, and to satisfy my curiosity. My professional training has taught me (or has brought out from within me) that to be a good analyst one must ask questions and one must leave no question unanswered. So, I did a lot of reading about photography answering all my questions one by one. Writing the questions down and writing the answers out seems to help me. I have answered all of my questions, and I have written them down in a book:

Photographic Exposure Calculations and Camera Operations


My Artist’s Statement

My Artist’s Bio

My Equipment and Technique

Photographic Myth Busters

Depth of Field and Resolution

A clear and novel explanation of their intrinsic connection

Download a Microsoft Excel Document:

Field of Focus Tables for 25 micron Diameter of Confusion
Field of Focus Calculator

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