Exposure Book

Photographic Exposure Calculations and Camera Operation
by Michael G. Prais, Ph.D.

This authoritative work provides a thorough examination of exposure calculations in support of composition, the myth of 18% as midtone. exposure meters, photosensitivity (film speed) of both emulsion (film) and solid-state (digital) media, spatial resolution, dynamic range, the photosensitive exposure range, exposure compensation, the Sunny f/16 Rule, the Zone System, APEX calculations, ISO/ANSI standards documentation and depth of field calculations. In addition to explanations of these terms and their connections, this book offers a very general exposure equation, tables of representative and exact stop values, extensive diagrams for and examples of exposure calculations, very general depth of field equations and extensive depth of field tables that make it useful as a supplementary text in a course on photography or as a field guide.


Exposure Diagram:

Exposure Diagram

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ISBN 978-1-4392-0641-6


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