A library of the information that I have written on tools–primarily information technology tools

Instructional Technologies

Tools for Creating Multimedia Instructional ContentSLATE Conference 2015

PowerPoint Presentations: Breaking BadSLATE Conference 2015

Rights, Wrongs, Risk, Liability, and Ethics PresentationSLATE Conference 2014

Flipping the New Faculty Orientation Presentation – SLATE Conference 2013

Looking for Trouble … in the Bb Grade CenterSLATE Conference 2011

Learning Is …

The Evolution of Telecommunications

The Taxonomy of Information and Communication Technologies

Notes on Electronically Mediated Instruction

Instructions for Creating Video Training Using Techsmith Camtasia Studio/Mac and SnagIt

Notes for Adding Narration to Power Point Presentations

Notes on Collecting and Sharing Student Files in your Courses

Communicating FERPA-protected Student Performance Information over the Internet

Creating Bulletproof File Names for Assignment Submissions

Notes for Introduction to SoftChalk Create

Notes for Workshop on Keeping Grades in Blackboard Learn

Weighted Total Grade Calculations in the Blackboard Learn Grade Center

Creating Collaboration Sessions Using Blackboard Collaborate

Recording a Power Point Presentation with Blackboard Collaborate

Accessing a Public Blackboard Collaborate Web Conference

Assorted Workshops

Workshop on Tables and Spreadsheets

Excel File for Workshop on Spreadsheet Functions

Introduction to Creating Web Pages with Adobe Dreamweaver

HTML Structure and Style Presentation

Ethics in Information Technologies


Time and Project Management

Engineering a Solution to a Problem

Professional Presentations

Leading Faculty and Creating Change – ACM/SIGUCCS CSMS 2004

Changing Services: Clients, Quality, and Collaboration – ACM/SIGUCCS CSMS 1993
Recognizing Culture and Anticipating Change
Changing Service to Value the Client
The Knowledge Worker
The Knowledgeable Manager
The New User Services

Unix Basics for Superusers
Examining Filesystems
Processes and Environments
Communications and Printing

Unix Basics for the Mere-Mortal User
System Access
Process Management
File Management
Text Management
Text Processing
Print Management
Program Development

Editing with Vi
Unix Communications
Unix Internet Utilities

Novell Netware Basics

Video Gaming

Square Enix Final Fantasy XII Video Game Optimization

Some information that I have developed for playing the role playing video games well using an in-depth analysis of the weapons and spells in the game to predict and rank the effect of these items

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