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Square Enix Final Fantasy XII

Looking for a video game that I might play with my son and looking to understand how video games might be used for instruction, I started playing and examining Final Fantasy XXII (FFXII). FFXII is a role playing game (RPG) published by Square Enix in May 2006 for Japan and in October 2006 for the United States. I found that I liked the complex setup and staging–the complex tactics and strategies that could precede character actions–in RPG games. FFXII offers, in addition, fine graphics, a good story line, and a sophisticated battle system.

As usual for me, once I started playing, I wanted to find out how FFXII worked and what options it offered in order to play it more effectively. What I found is described in the Playing Final Fantasy XII Well with Numbers document that you can access through the link below. I have also produced a set of tables that rank the very large set of options available during the game so that it is easier for me and others to pay the game.

Playing Final Fantasy XII Playing Well with Numbers
Final Fantasy XII Magic Numbers

Final Fantasy XII Character Numbers
Final Fantasy XII Tool Numbers
Final Fantasy XII Gambits